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Sports betting added to BetOnBit

Esports betting and gambling sector is growing fast and it's pretty demanding industry. In order to succeed you need to constantly work on your product, improving it and updating it.

Sports Betting

After few months of constant work, we are happy to introduce another update on our website. We implemented sports betting into our website. So with esports, now you can bet on your favorite sports matches. For now we are covering: basketball, tennis, soccer (football) and hockey. With time, we will make sure more sports are added to our list like American football, volleyball, baseball, MMA, handball and others...

Bet on hockey: BET NOW!
Bet on soccer: BET NOW!
Bet on basketball: BET NOW!
Bet on tennis: BET NOW!

Another smaller update we did is that we added tournament lists, which means you can now sort your matches/games by tournaments/leagues. So if you want to look up for your match, or follow just one favourite tournament/league, just click on that tournament/league and you will see only matches for that tournament/league.

How does it look?

EXAMPLE - Sports / BasketballScreenshot_6-1Enjoy our new update and sports betting. We are already working on new updates that are cooming soon. Stay tuned!