Leaderboard & Chat added to BetOnBit

BetOnBit is fairly new project, new betting platform in the world of esports, and since we started to operate we are working on the website and on our product, trying to improve it and bring the best possible experience for our users and bettors.

Sometimes you don't notice and see those changes, but trust us, they are here. Sometimes you see the changes, like this time. We heard your suggestions and ideas how we can improve, so last weeks we worked on two special updates to our website that we hope can bring even more fun while betting on your favourite esport matches.


First thing we've implemented is leaderboard. What is leaderboard? Rankings of top 10 BetOnBit monthly bettors, where the best 4 bettors at the end of each month are awarded with money prizes (prize pool of €200). What's the system behind it? All players are automatically entered into our Leaderboard and earn XP points from just placing bets on esport, no matter win or lose. Number of XP points is calculated by BetOnBit betting system. It depends on various factors like: how much money you bet, how much money you earn, how many pairs you played (single or multibet), how high odds are (for example you will get more XP if you place multi bet, rather then single bet) etc. Top 4 BetOnBit users with the highest amount of XP points at the end of each month will be rewarded with money prizes! For more rules (Terms & Condition) and leaderboard rankings go here: LEADERBOARD PAGE


Second thing that we added is live chat which is attached to bottom tray of the BetOnBit window. As we think a user experience and communication with fellow bettors and friends is important thing during betting and following your favourite esports teams and tournaments, we added live chat system. You can contact and chat with other BetOnBit users in real time, sharing your opinions, thoughts and comments about matches and tournaments or other gaming stuff. Chat window can be minimized and maximized.Leaderboard