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Under - Over Betting Guide

Talking about football (soccer), under / over is a form of betting for those who predict there will be a lot of goals in the match or there will be a match without a lot of goals. This form of betting is not just about football, but more or less all sports. Under / over is a bet on, so to speak, the number of hits at a sporting event, or rather, you can bet if there will be more or less hits than a certain number offered by the bookmaker.

For football matches, the offer usually refers to 2.5 goals per game, and you bet over 2.5 if you think there will be three or more goals, or under 2.5 if you think there will be two or fewer goals. In basketball this refers to the sum of points, -170.5+, or in hockey the number of goals -5.5+, in tennis the sum of games -21.5+, etc. There are also bookmakers using the -3+ method. which is essentially similar to this -2,5+ except that you have 3 payment options here; 0-2 goals, exactly 3 goals, or 4 or more goals, or a combination of 1x and x2.

Common examples


MATCH TOTAL GOALS (Under 2,5) @ 1.70
Manchester United - Liverpool
If you place, for example, $100 on Under 2.5 goals, and if the game in the regular part (90 min.) ends with a total goal score of 0, 1 or 2 goals, you will win $170. Which means you have earned $70. If the number of goals is 3 or more, you lose the bet.


GAME TOTAL POINTS (Under 185,5) @ 1.80
LA Clippers - LA Lakers

For example, invest $100 on Under 185.5. If the match ends with a total score of 0 to 185 points, the money is yours. You will get $180, or you will win $80 without bets. If the match ends with a total of 186 or more, you lose the bet.
In basketball games, some bookmakers may only count regular time and some extra time. So you should always pay attention to it.


TOTAL POINTS (Over 2.5) @ 1.95

Esports matches are specific when we talk about Over / Under betting. Usually teams are playing Best Of 3 (BO3) series (first team to win 2 maps), so the best example here is Over / Under 2.5 maps. This means if teams are playing a BO3 match and you bet $100 on Over 2.5 maps and result was 2-1 for G2, you will win $195, and if match ends with 2-0 or 0-2 for any team (ends in 2 maps), you will lose the bet. So you will win if any of those teams win 2-1 or in other words, all 3 maps needs to be played. If you bet Under 2.5 and match ends 2-1 in any favour, you will lose the bet, because you placed a bet thinking that match will have all 3 maps played, but there were only 2. Those kind of betting is not possible in BO1 matches, since there is only 1 map being played.

Tips for Under / Over Betting

When betting on under / over it is good to know a couple of the following things:

  • In lesser-known football / soccer leagues, usually the number of goals is high in almost every match. They are Dutch, Belgian, Scandinavian, and especially in almost all lower leagues. France, although part of the "five" league, is known for a small number of goals.
  • There are two coaching philosophies in today's football / soccer. There are those who think that the point of football is to score more than the opponent and win, and the other side who tries to save their goal and score from the counter attack if the opportunity arises. The first option is the most common in Spain and Germany, while the Italian and French clubs are mostly for the second option. Of course there are exceptions when it comes to clubs and coaches that should be followed for several seasons.
  • Derby matches often end with fewer goals than average, as teams are much more reserved. In matches like this it is not important to win, it is important to remain undefeated.
  • Check the list of injured and punished players. Unless key players, a playmaker or striker are playing for a team, the entire team is likely to have trouble scoring. Unless major defenders play, the team will find it difficult to keep their net. This is especially true for clubs with lesser-known players and a smaller budget, because they do not have a quality replacement for each player. Rich clubs have no such problems.
  • If the match is important for one side, in terms of relegation or winning the position at the top of the table then the match will look more like a derby.
  • Check the weather forecast. If it is rainy or there is snow, it is difficult for the players to show a good game and therefore a lot of goals. Also important are time differences, South American league, Russian league, altitudes ...
  • As for the NHL and NBA, it's known that more hits are being made in those leagues than in the European Hockey, and especially Basketball Leagues.
  • Tradition is also important. Look at the outcomes of several previous encounters.

Asian Under / Over

Under 2,25
In the case of exactly two goals, half of the stakes will be returned to you and the other half will be bet on the odds.

Over 2,75
In the case of exactly three goals, half of the stakes will be returned to you and the other half will be bet on the odds.

Under 2
In the case of exactly two goals, the entire stake is returned.